How much money we have remaining - recruitment process

“So, how much money do we have remaining?”

This is a true story.

Not so long ago, when it was routine to book a flight in the morning and end up in one the same evening and travel without any fear, one of the co-founders of SupersetNaman Agrawal was on a flight to close an important deal with a leading educational institution in the country. Soon after he boarded, his co-passenger exchanged a warm greeting smile with him and moved on to take a call. Ten seconds is all it took for Naman to deduce that this was someone who was a senior HR of a company and was possibly on his annual campus placement drive. It seemed like he was being questioned on the number of students that had already been recruited, the spends from the budget set aside for hiring and how many they could intake from the next college that he was visiting. It was not surprising at all that an excel sheet with multiple tabs was opened, columns highlighted and graphs drawn painstakingly, to answer those.

This is pretty much how campus recruitment documentation happens across multiple organizations. You’d be positively surprised at the number of IT companies that still use the good old excel sheets. You’d think at least they would have thought of automating the process and freeing precious HR bandwidth. But it seems like unnecessary struggle is not limited to certain verticals.

Data visualization and automation are underrated in the area of campus placements.

The effort and time can be cut down to an eighth when done right. Afterall, the human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than it does text.

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Custom builds also allow queries to be run at high computing speeds to turn around specific information in an easily digestible format. Well, this may seem like an obvious thing. But, the beauty of time saved always lies in how it is used. Imagine having every conceivable piece of data on the campus recruitment drive at a particular college at your fingertips, even before you pronounce the drive closed! Imagine spending time on interpreting data and finding solutions rather than breaking your head on the data itself! Imagine having the time to focus on finding and retaining the right talent! Imagine actually practicing a healthy work-life balance — something you’ve preached to every employee on Day 1!

Oh by the way, is the myth of HRs not being the most comfortable with math and graphs true?

Just asking!


Footnote: Superset is a Campus Placement Automation Software that is a one-stop solution for Universities to digitise and automate placements online, Employers to have access to an end-to-end campus hiring gateway, and Students to learn, prepare and apply for jobs. Several top universities like IIM-A, IIM-C, BITS Pilani and SRM have given it a double thumbs up.

What you can do with Superset:

Digitise & Automate Placements Online ⦿ CRM for Company Outreach ⦿ Digital Student Portfolios ⦿ Remote Interviews ⦿ Company Portal ⦿ Student Preparation Tools ⦿ HR Networking Tools ⦿ Alumni Job Referrals


Superset is India's first Official University Recruiting Platform. Founded with the aim to consolidate and democratize India’s graduate hiring system, by connecting students and employers via college placement cells on a common platform, Superset helps universities streamline end-to-end placements process, equips employers with a single gateway to reach young college talent across the nation, and provides students increased number of authentic opportunities.

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