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A global pandemic does very little to ease the nerves of someone who has an offer letter from a company they always wanted to be employed by but have not received any joining date information from. Add to this, the practicalities of canceled flights, institutional quarantining requirements in some cases, and the unpredictability of finding a place when moving cities, and it is chaotic, to say the least.

While many companies have emphatically called attention to the fact that they will not roll back offers under the current uncertain circumstances, employable talent is all the more difficult to attract and retain when the lag between the offer letter and joining date communication is big.

It all boils down to the vagueness of the situation. So students start looking out for opportunities that are immediate — the classic case of one bird in the hand is better than two in a bush.

Engaging hirees is very important, more so now than ever before.

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Here are our top 4 recommendations for you to ensure that the effort put into the placement process is not rendered futile by students who are looking for the proverbial greener pasture:


It’s always alarming when one does not hear from someone who has promised to get back. In our personal lives we do not want to be found in situations where we do not have information we’re expected to have. Professional lives are no different because our behaviour as humans is fundamentally the same. Maintaining a continuous channel of communication with hirees is critical. The content could be as broad as industry or company-related information or as specific as where exactly their candidature stands and by when they can expect their joining dates. Personalising this part of information, has its own merit. It’s an extension of the message ‘we’re interested in you and hope you’re too!’.


One channel that is often ignored is the one where everyone spends inordinate amounts of time. Use the power of social media to ensure there is collective faith in the processes and the hirees wait together as a community. Sometimes there’s respite in knowing that you’re not the only one who is experiencing delays. And the best part? Staying engaged and having fun while waiting.


If the initial excitement of being hired dies down, it might make way for fear which then translates into hirees looking for opportunities that assure immediacy (which is a huge plus during uncertain times). Start introducing people from the team and company cultures which are unique selling points. Once someone buys into these intangibles, it is hard for another company to entice them with a slightly better offer on papers.


Build resources that serve as engagement course material in learning. This could be based on the level and role for which they are being hired. Picking up a few soft skills while waiting on a joining date never hurt anyone! People value any kind of investment in them to prep them for their days as full-fledged employees.

Got any suggestion that is working for you? Tell us in the comments.

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