A virtual date with recruiters

A Virtual Date With Recruiters

For anyone who is a part of the campus recruitment process, this year has presented the most unique challenge yet. While the world was slowly, mind you, very slowly inching towards automation and efficient utilization of time with remote working, no one had thought that the process that enabled these would need to be fast-tracked in record times.

The frenzy of dressing up in one’s business best and sitting expectantly with a hundred other eligible fellow students, listening to companies make impressive presentations and enthusiastically acing final round interviews, is giving way to sitting in front of laptops while ensuring that more or less the same passion translates when there is a screen separating them from the interviewer.

The three entities involved — Students, Placement Cells and Companies are all learning to cope with this new mandate where not more than 30 people can congregate in a place. Candidates have to unlearn a part of relying on communicating with non-verbals because one is literally at the mercy of the technology gods. Using the power of the voice, the gift of the gab, and of course presence of the mind, one needs to make the right impressions.

Placement Cells will still be running behind students to update and upload the right versions of their resumes, but doing it virtually is, let’s be honest, harder. Lastly, different companies are at different levels of adopting technology and training their workforce to be comfortable with it. While all this is definitely not easy, we’re all realising alternate ways of making the campus placement process smoother and adapting to it quickly given the current scenario; and having a unifying software where all the stakeholders can carry out their share of tasks independently and see to it that no part of the process is broken because of them, is half the battle won.

We at Superset, along with enabling digitization and automation of the whole campus recruitment process, have integrated multiple virtual interview rooms to conduct the face-to-face interview process in an orderly and efficient manner through our Virtual Drive Coordinator. The robust interface also allows several interviews to happen simultaneously without crashing. A queue system with the right assignment of panels makes sure everyone is well-prepared and the process is trouble-free. The infrastructure takes away the unpleasantness associated with embracing newness at break-neck speeds. Till we can go back to an actual face-to-face interview, this certainly is the ‘new normal’ we’re all going to see for a long time to come.
The sooner we appropriate it for our respective institutions and organizations, the less intense the pressure to accept the unfamiliar order. Who knows, we could all fall in love with it so much that we would not need to go back to the old ways.


Superset is India's first Official University Recruiting Platform. Founded with the aim to consolidate and democratize India’s graduate hiring system, by connecting students and employers via college placement cells on a common platform, Superset helps universities streamline end-to-end placements process, equips employers with a single gateway to reach young college talent across the nation, and provides students increased number of authentic opportunities.

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