Automated Campus Placements: Bridging the gap between Talent and Opportunity

The need for virtual and automated recruiting platforms has grown exponentially. Digitizing them has served as a landscape for campus placements, adding value to the improved experience of institutes, freshers, and companies worldwide.

Running a successful campus placement drive is challenging for any college and its TPOs. If you have been a part of a campus placement team in your college, you would know how most of your efforts can easily be plagued by factors that seem inconsequential.

From managing volumes of company and student data via excel and email to conducting technical tests and scheduling interviews for shortlisted candidates — TPOs at most institutions waste over 40% of their time doing tedious, manual activities across the campus placement process.

This is where automation and automated campus placement become important.

Not sure how? Keep reading.

Let’s talk about the challenges faced by TPOs:

  • The reporting, management, and feedback.
    Sometimes, students fail to track their interview status and miss out on opportunities that can harm their careers. Getting feedback from employers can take weeks, making the TPOs and students suffer. Halting the drives with no adequate structure can cause inconvenience, resulting in more investment of time, money, and effort.
  • Building reputation in the market.
    Every campus placement drive goes through a comprehensive cycle where the ultimate aim is to place their students. On the other hand, if the campuses generate more placements, their brand visibility increases. To build a reputation, you have to ensure that the companies and students don’t go through any trouble from the initial stage of the interviewing process.
  • Sharing candidate details.
    Companies are on the hunt for better candidates and have their own set of processes to be carried out. The TPOs must adhere to their process and have to provide information in the required format as asked.
  • Streamlining the entire procedure.
    From the initial stage of pre-placement talks and presentations to being the centralized part of all discussions, institutes are heavenly burdened. They have to look for any overlaps between companies and colleges while assigning the slots and streamlining the processes. That becomes a challenging and tedious task.

Even though campuses are overloaded with challenges, we do not see them as an excuse to carry out unsuccessful placement drives.

In the past few years, campus placement was not immune to the allures of Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), like all other industries and spheresBut now, colleges are collaborating with online platforms to enhance their campus placement process and student results. This includes automating the placement process, providing students with AI-based career recommendations that match their skill set, and implementing ML to curate student learning and training.

The infusion of technology has made things easier to execute. Automation has been transforming the campus placements and recruitment process for quite some time, making the campuses and companies conduct seamless and hassle-free drives.

With technology, campuses can save 80% of their time in hiring and maximize their corporate outreach by 60%. This brings us to inform you about how this ecosystem challenges have a one-stop-friendly solution.

Switching to an online platform: Superset | Placement Automation Platform

Benefits of using Superset — Placement Automation Platform
  • Access to organized and streamlined data.
    With each profile on the portal, the data becomes transparent and accessible, reducing placement officers’ work. TPOs do not need to prepare excel sheets, manually collect data or scroll through a lot of information. They can always use the search and filter options to access the required data that is error-free and verified.
  • Better communication and coordination.
    With structured data, Campuses can coordinate with the companies to fix suitable slots for the interview process and communicate the same to the candidates. This provides transparency to both the candidates as well as the companies. The centralized platform has all the necessary details, improving the overall experience.
  • Better control over placements.
    Certain benchmarks must be met when the college conducts placements. To track the overall progress, the real-time dashboard helps you to get meaningful insights where you can see how the college is performing and what outcomes need better strategies.
  • Best-in-class Resume Builder.
    To land the desired job, you need to craft a compelling resume. Most of the students struggle with it initially and look out for templates. Superset has a professional Resume builder, which saves you from the scuffle. Moreover, the in-built validation by placement officers assures that the student data is accurate and authentic.
  • Automated alerts and notifications.
    Communication is a critical aspect in every dimension. AI tends to send alerts to eligible candidates via different mediums or channels, saving them from the last-minute hurry that can cause their job in the future. Superset notifies you with regular SMS, e-mails, mobile, and web-app notifications that limit students’ chances of missing out on the interviews.
  • Increase corporate outreach.
    Placement officers struggle with company outreach. With Superset in the picture, it creates an ecosystem for universities and enterprises to connect. When students have their profiles on the platform, their visibility increases, giving them an upper hand in getting selected by companies. On the other hand, the enterprise gets access to the humongous database that helps them to churn out the desired candidates.
  • Prepping for student placement journey.
    TPOs play an essential role in shaping the student’s journey from screening to interviewing and finally getting an offer. Imparting the proper training to students helps freshers improve their overall performance. Companies are on a hunt for competitive talent, and if colleges can provide them, it will lead to better placements and efficient hiring.
  • Unbiased hiring.
    With technology, we can ensure that the hiring process remains completely transparent. You can always tick off the common hiring biases from the screening and assessing round so that the process becomes authentic. Any favoritism does not judge the students; instead, they have fair opportunities to get placed. With all the data meticulously compiled under one platform, there are fewer chances of manipulated judgments.

Automating the entire campus placement process has established a vital connection between institutes and enterprises. The time-saving and problem-solving technologies backed by AI have shown some intensive results that have directly improved the student and campus interviewing experience.

There is an iceberg of talent, and companies want to crack the best piece out of it. To get their hands on it, they approach colleges with the best-classified students that can help their business prosper.

Then the TPOs come into the picture. They leave no stone unturned to attract giant firms for their placement drives so that the students can land their first job with a great package, deals, and more growth. They train their students, monitor their progress, and help them crack the most challenging job in the market. All this is done with the help of AI-based tools that bridge enterprises, TPOs, and freshers to reach the ultimate destination.

How Superset bridges the gap among these ecosystems

To achieve all of the above, join Superset, a robust, easy, and user-friendly automated platform for all your hiring needs!

Rashi Maheshwari

Rashi started her journey with Axis Bank as an Assistant Manager and soon realized it was not her calling. She was adamant about changing her profession but had many doubts. Writing, debating, and journaling landed her first content writing job; the graph has been incredibly thrilling since then. She is currently working at Superset and climbing the ladder to enhance her journey with more freshly brewed ideas.

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