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5 Trending Online Courses To Help You Advance Your Career

Let’s begin our online journey!

Hello, professional rockstars! Are you prepared to advance your professional career? To remain relevant and competitive in today’s continuously changing employment environment, it is critical to continue learning and upskilling. Did you know that the eLearning marketplace is projected to reach $325 billion by 2025, illustrating the increasing demand for distance learning courses and their efficacy in satisfying learners’ needs?

But don’t worry! With unparalleled ease and adaptability, these best online courses have come to save the day. You can learn new skills and information regardless of where you happen to be or what your timetable looks like. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 Great Learning free courses that may help you advance in your job or on your campus placements, as well as some advice on how to choose which one is right for you and thrive in your online learning adventure. Let’s get started and work some professional magic!

Are You Ready To Explore The World Of Trending Courses?

trending online courses

Here’s a fascinating fact to start with: According to a World Economic Forum research, 94% of corporate executives want employees to learn new skills on the job, emphasizing the necessity of continuous learning.

Are you finding it difficult to search for the free skill-up courses that can uplift your career and help you make significant advancements? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Listed below are top 5 trending courses that can certainly help you with your on-campus and off campus placements. So, let’s begin!

1. Data Science Course by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Data Science Course is one of the best-selling courses on their website. It is a meticulous course that includes data science essentials such as machine learning, statistical evaluation, visualization of data, and data extraction. This course is meant for individuals who want to gain knowledge about data science from the bottom up while also gaining practical knowledge with actual-life data sets. It also contains culminating tasks which allow learners to use their understanding of real-world issues.

2. Artificial Intelligence Course by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Artificial Intelligence Course is intended for professionals who wish to learn about the most recent breakthroughs in AI technology. Deep learning, artificial neural networks, machine learning for language processing, and machine vision are among the subjects covered in the course. Students gain hands-on expertise with popular artificial intelligence technologies such as TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch. The course also contains capstone projects that allow students to create their own AI models.

3. Cloud Computing Course by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Cloud Computing Course is intended for professionals who wish to gain knowledge regarding cloud computing and its different services. Cloud structures, networking, data storage, and cybersecurity are among the subjects covered in the course of study. Students get hands-on training on prominent cloud computing services such as Amazon Web platforms (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform. The course additionally includes culminating projects that allow students to create their own cloud-based apps.

4. Full Stack Web Development Course by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Full Stack Web Development Course is intended for experts who want to learn how to build web apps from the bottom up. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node.js, and MongoDB are among the subjects covered in the programme. Students gain practical expertise with major web programming platforms such as Bootstrap, Express, and Mongoose. The course additionally involves final assignments in which learners construct full-stack web apps.

5. Digital Marketing Course by Great Learning

Great Learning’s Digital Marketing Course is intended for professionals who wish to learn about the newest developments in digital marketing. Search engine optimization, social networks marketing, email advertising, and online analytics are among the subjects covered in the course. Learners gain practical expertise with prominent digital marketing tools including Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Hootsuite. Capstone projects are also included in the course, allowing students to design their own digital marketing strategy.

How To Choose The Right Online Course?

Hello, potential career superstar! If you want to catapult your career and make huge gains in the job market or virtual campus interview, you already know that continual learning and upskilling are essential. Fortunately, online courses with their superpowers of convenience and flexibility are coming to rescue the day! But, let’s be honest, with so many alternatives, it’s like traversing a vast digital jungle! But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Here are some pointers to assist you confidently select the best online course and master interview skills to propel you to the top!

1. Assessing your career ambitions and competence areas: Begin by analyzing your professional goals and ambitions, along with your existing competencies. Determine the abilities and expertise required for accomplishing your professional targets and fix any weaknesses in your set of abilities. This could assist you minimize the possibilities and choose an academic programme that complements your professional goals.

2. Identifying the most appropriate degrees and competencies for your industry: Explore courses and trends related to your area of specialization and job function. Search for programmes that will teach you the abilities and information that are in great demand in your industry. You may also seek guidance from your company or industry organizations.

3. Examining the learning material, teacher, and platform: Analyze the subject matter, educator, and platform before registering in a course. Look for courses with well-organized and meticulous material, engaging teachers with professional knowledge, and easy to use learning platforms.

4. Consider the program’s price and duration commitment: The cost and time investment of courses taken online might vary. When choosing a course, keep your financial capabilities and accessibility in mind. Look for programmes that provide excellent value for money as well as flexible learning substitutes that work around your lifestyle.

Things To Remember!

Hello there, keen learners! Are you interested in taking your career to a higher level? Online courses are available to assist you! They provide several advantages, including learning and schedule flexibility, access to a diverse selection of courses and teachers, cost-effectiveness as compared with conventional training and education, and ongoing education and upgrading to boost employment prospects and compensation.

But how can you make the best use of these opportunities? Here are some expert tips for completing online courses: Set clear objectives and expectations, develop a study plan and habit, take an active role in the lessons and debates, seek help and criticism from peers and instructors, and apply what you’ve learned in real-world circumstances.

Superset Launchpad: An Initiative By Superset

In today’s advanced age, innovation has reformed the manner in which we approach work hunting and vocation improvement. With everything being digitized, it’s presently conceivable to go after positions, interview with organizations, take courses and, surprisingly, secure work and open doors for all intents and purposes. This has been a significant game-changer, furnishing people with the comfort and adaptability to deal with their quest for new employment in a more productive and compelling manner.

Superset, a leading organization in the area of innovation and training, has made this a stride further with the send off of its imaginative drive, Superset Launchpad. This drive is intended to help understudies from colleges and universities that collaborated with Superset monitor their quest for new employment, from beginning to end, in one focal spot.

With Superset Platform, students can get to many open doors from top organizations in India, take evaluations, and get shortlisted for interview adjusts. They can likewise plan better for evaluations and meetings by getting to online courses and practice tests, all suitable through the Launchpad stage.

This way to deal with work hunting and vocation improvement is a distinct advantage, giving students the chance to use innovation to smooth out and upgrade their pursuit of the employment process. The stage’s extensive methodology makes it simple for students to deal with their quest for new employment, even as they shuffle their examinations and different responsibilities.

In synopsis, Superset Launchpad is a significant drive that shows the force of innovation to change the quest for a new employment process. With this imaginative stage, students can get to open doors, take evaluations, plan for interviews, and deal with their quest for new employment easily and accommodation, all from one focal spot.

Let’s Wrap Up!

So, to wrap up, constant learning and upskilling are vital for job progress and success. Online courses provide a handy and flexible approach to learn and acquire new abilities from anywhere and at any time. Don’t be afraid to look into the online courses offered for personal and professional development. You may progress your career and reach your objectives with the correct course selection, focus, and devotion!

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